Alongside our new Personal Training website, we’re excited to launch our new Personal Training App.

This app is a one stop solution for both you and your Trainer, and features a host of tools to help communication, motivation, training and nutrition.

From the outset we want to understand as much about your current lifestyle and your future goals as possible. This is the foundation of your relationship with your trainer so it’s vital that we get this completed in as much detail as possible via the app. Where you’re starting from is critical for your development so we need to get this right.

You can then start logging your nutrition on the app, giving us a more detailed insight into your eating habits. It will also show us if there are things we need to change to set you on the path to your goals. Your trainer will advise a specific nutrition plan which is best suited, giving you the best results possible.

By logging each meal both you and your trainer can see the macronutrient breakdown of the foods you consume helping to keep you on the right track. This detailed analysis will also help build your understanding of your specific nutrition plan and how it’s helping your body.

Communication between you and your Trainer can also go straight through the app – you can message your Trainer directly to schedule your appointments, ask any questions, update on your progress and much more. When bookings are made you will receive a notification through the app and also via email – it can even sync with your calendar on your phone so it goes straight into your diary.

Keeping track of your progress has never been easier with your updated biometrics held on the app for you to see. You can also upload progress photos of yourself to see in real time how well you’re doing.